Recently I was walking through a market and I saw a stall holder who was selling artificial cigarettes. It was early in the day and there weren’t many people around as yet. The funny thing was that the stall holder was smoking a real cigarette. I couldn’t help but laugh. I was thinking he obviously didn’t have much faith in his product.

The idea is that by sucking on a fake cigarette your smoking needs will be meet. The sensation of drawing smoke is offered. Nicotine vapors are said to stop the smoking cravings. But other compounds such as anti-freeze, and other chemicals found in cigarettes have been found.

Some schools in the USA are banning these artificial smokes as they don’t differentiate real cigarettes from the fake version. The health concerns are now beginning to surface, but the long term effects can’t be gauged as they haven’t been available long enough.

Those smokers who have presented at my clinic to quit smoking who have used the fake cigarette in an effort to quit smoking have all returned to the real thing.

The reason being is that the experience of using the artificial cigarette is close to the real thing, so much so that it keeps the desire alive and eventually most smokers decide that they might as well enjoy the real thing instead of some poor imitation.

Successfully quitting smoking requires that you divorce yourself 100% from any aspect of smoking. As long as you retain a connection to smoking you are just a step away from starting again. And smoking a pretend cigarette is psychologically keeping you connected to your old habit, and bound to lead to a relapse.

Of all the ways to attempt to quit smoking I believe the use of artificial cigarette is the least likely way to have you quit smoking.

Hypnosis is well known as the most successful way to quit, because it helps you to break your emotional ties, which is the exact opposite way that artificial cigarettes.

The only people who may benefit from pretend cigarettes are those who acknowledge that smoking is dangerous, and fear for their health, but don’t really want to quit.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, square measure currently the foremost fashionable sort of vasoconstrictive use among middle and high school students, with AN calculable three million students victimization them. In fact, a lot of teens use this product nowadays than smoke cigarettes.

Your juvenile person might believe e-cigarettes square measure utterly safe and will get defensive once you attempt to discuss the difficulty. However, there square measure vital risks to remember of. Here’s what you and your kid ought to understand.

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes area unit a kind of Electronic alkaloid Delivery System, a category of product that has single-use e-cigarettes that seem like ancient cigarettes and a variety of “vaping” devices that seem like a futurist, mechanical cigars. These product work by heating a liquid known as Associate in Nursing e-liquid or e-juice till it turns into Associate in Nursing aerosol, that the user inhales. Most of the e-liquids contain extremely focused alkaloid alongside different chemicals.

Why do you have to be concerned?

E-cigarettes contain the alkaloid, an extremely addictive chemical that’s notably risky to teens and young adults.

Adolescents area unit additional prone to addiction than adults as a result of their brains area unit still developing (the brain isn’t totally developed till a human mid-twenties). The younger you’re once you strive alkaloid or different addictive chemicals, the additional seemingly you’re to become alcohol-dependent. alkaloid can even increase the chance of developing an addiction to the different medicine and numerous mental and physical health issues later in life. in addition, alkaloid will disrupt brain development and interfere with psychological feature functioning.

The bottom line? Nicotine may be an extremely potent and habit-forming substance that’s particularly risky for the developing teenage brain, regardless of what type it comes in.

E-cigarettes contain alternative chemicals that create a danger to your teen’s health.

Aerosols from this product are found to contain varied harmful chemicals, significant metals, and ultrafine particles, all of that create health risks.

Tobacco corporations area unit promoting this product to your teenager.

There area unit laws that veto corporations from promoting ancient cigarettes to youth, however, those laws don’t apply to electronic cigarettes and alternative vaping devices. corporations area unit unengaged to use an equivalent way that coffin nail corporations utilized in the past to draw in youth.